Finger-Pinch Guard Door Stopper - Elegant White (4 Pack)

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Babyproofing Can Be Such A Pain, But These Are So EASY To Use, There's No Excuse



Hey Moms and Dads!

These puppies could save your babies fingers from serious harm…

And they blend in with just about any decor...

And... they are saving my sanity! Maybe they will do the same for you.

Let me tell you why these are such a great investment.

Not long ago, my two little ones, ages 4 and 2, discovered that they liked to slam the door on one another!

"Hahahaha" They laugh as one slams the door on the other

But, of course, it doesn't take long before someone starts crying.

"Whaaaaaaa" I hear. I run to look.

Phew... (I sigh in relief). Just hurt feelings. The fingers are fine.

Yeah, when they started this I just knew it was a matter of time before we were rushing one of them to the hospital, screaming. 

Thankfully, we discovered the secret to calming that worry, before any unfortunate accidents took place.

These Finger-Pinch Door Stoppers!

But not only do they protect baby's fingers from unwanted and unpredictable accidents, it also prevents noisy door slams!

Also, you don't have to worry about a door closing and locking one of your little ones in a room - it works as a door stopper as well.

If you have pets, it offers that same benefit for them as well. 

After all, once your baby discovers how to close doors, Fido could become an unsuspecting victim of someone's curiosity and find himself locked in a room (or out of one) somewhere.

Most importantly, they're FREE for a limited time because we believe that these are an absolutely necessary babyproofing item that should be installed in your home ASAP.

Just pay the shipping and handling and they're yours!

So what else are you waiting for?

Get Yours Now!

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