Montessori Shape Puzzle - Wooden

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The Shape Puzzle is specially designed to enable the learning of basic geometric shapes through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.

Learning the names of these shapes can be a challenge, but when a child can see and touch real objects, it makes a much deeper impression on the mind.

With this one activity, your child can develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color & shape differentiation, language, object sorting, self-discipline, fine motor skills. Remove the nine figures from the board and have your child place each one back in its place, while saying the name of the shape. Or shuffle the pieces and ask them to find the corresponding shape and place it back on the board. 

Puzzles come in 3 levels of difficulty. 

Save on buying all three as a bundle.

All pieces are made of solid wood and can be passed down for years to come. 
Ages 2 years and above with adult supervision.

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