Easy Read Forehead & Ear Thermometer

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Measure Their Temperature Without Waking Them From Precious Sleep!


Hey Moms And Dads!

Do you still use those thermometers that needs to be put under your babies' armpits for a minute before you can see if your babies have a fever?

If you still do, I have some bad news and then I have some good news for you!

The bad news is those suck!

The good news is there is a thermometer that can instantly show you results of your babies' temperature just by touching it lightly on their forehead for less than 2 seconds!

When we switched to using this product with our two little ones, we noticed how much less stressed out we felt because we no longer had to wake up our babies over and over again - throughout the night - just to get a new reading.

Many times, they never even noticed we had taken their temperature!

Mission Accomplished!

This is seriously the easiest and most reliable product we could find on the market, especially at this price point, to bring to our Libee Baby fans and we can say that because it is the only thermometer we use in our home.

A sick baby is never a fun thing, but we promise you will fall in love with this thermometer - or your money back!

It easily switches between Fahrenheit or Celsius and you can simply wipe the tip down with rubbing alcohol for cleaning instead of buying expensive probe covers.

The other good news is that we have it right here in our store for you!

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