Easy-Squeezy One-Handed Feeder

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Do you find it difficult to feed baby and yourself at the same time?

Well, imagine how easy it would be if you could feed Junior with a squeeze-able ketchup bottle. 

Pretty easy, wouldn't it be?

Of course!... but that would look terrible to all onlookers. 

But it would look much better if you did it with an Easy-Squeezy™ One-Handed Feeding Bottle.

Now you can reclaim at least one hand for yourself at mealtime.

It works with either liquids or mashed up solids that you might usually spoon feed to your little one. You just fill up the bottle and squeeze with one hand the contents onto the spoon the desired bite size. 

Feed Your Baby One-Handed, Feed Yourself With The Other

A single pore that allows a flow controlled by the pressure of your hand to give your little one the perfect amount of food each time. 

Imagine how much easier it would be to feed your little one:


  • Oatmeal, rice or other hot cereals (just add milk or water so it's not too thick to squeeze out)
  • Mashed veggies (make sure you salt and season them mildly, I recommend adding broths instead of water to add flavor and get little ones used to eating vegetables)
  • Mashed fruits (banana makes a good base, but you can add orange or berries to it as well for variety)
  • Pureed meats and potatoes (I know it seems gross to say but this is what Gerber does and it is a great way to help them get healthy proteins)
  • Or just add baby food and squeeze!


It Holds 3 Ounces Or 120ml, Great For Meals On The Go




Simply prep the food beforehand, fill the bottle, twist the top on, and make mealtimes much easier, faster, and much less messy.


  • Made of safe food grade silicone.
  • Comes with a cap to keep the tip from leaking and getting dirty.
  • It fits in standard bottle holders in bags and strollers so it's easy to take along on trips.


Be sure to grab more than one so you'll have one free while the others are in the pile of dirty dishes that you were going to get to yesterday. (I know how it is. ;)

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