Super Handle

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Hey Moms and Dads!

Do you ever get a little deflated when thinking about going grocery shopping with small children?

If you're like me, it takes about a quarter of a second for your mind to imagine all of the extra difficulties that parents face when selecting, purchasing, carrying and then loading all of those bags into your car...

while at the same time...

keeping an eye on your children, getting them situated and buckled in, and keeping them calm while you finish loading the haul into the trunk. 

If that seemed like a lot to say, I'm sure you know that in real-life, it's a lot more to DO.

You are a super-human if you can do all of that without batting an eye.

But if you are like the rest of us, you wish it could be easier... and faster

In fact, I swear grocery shopping takes about twice as long now with our two little ones in the mix. And between carrying the kids and the bags, it can be a lot to handle--literally.

Now, I can't give you a product that will single-handedly solve all of those problems but this can help one of them in a big way.

That's why I am so excited to introduce to you the Super-Handle.

Imagine shopping without

  • Multiple trips from cart to trunk
  • The plastic backs painfully cutting off circulation to your fingers as you try to carry as many bags as possible in one hand and a child in the other
  • Items spilled all over the trunk because of falling out the top of the bags

 With a 40lb capacity, the Super Handle can easily carry all your groceries with ease. 


And it's as simple as this!



The Super Handle is designed to provide a secure and comfortable way to solve a common problem.

As you can see in the animation above, simply press the easy-open thumb tab, slip on whatever you need to carry, close the locking tab and you’re ready to go.

The ergonomic soft grip area makes every carrying job seem effortless. Whether it's shopping bags, buckets, or even a leash attached to your beloved pet, it will make it more comfortable.

Made of solid ABS plastic it can take a beating and easily handle all of your shopping bags.

Just Click Add to Cart Now. The Super Handle is selling like bananas with this sale, we'll likely be out of stock soon.


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