The Munchie Mitten™

Does Your Baby Love Sucking And Biting On Their Precious Little Hands And Fingers?

They usually think it's great.

Except it can lead to some problems, like:


  • Hands get sore and chapped, especially in winter.
  • Babies often gag or choke on their fingers as they go to far.
  • Sometimes the habit sticks and baby turns into a toddler or pre-schooler that still sucks their thumb.


So get baby a teething toy that mimics one of their favorite behaviors but provides an enhanced experience:


This adjustable, velcro-secured mitten stays on your teething infants wrist and is quite difficult to remove.

It doesn't take long for baby to fall in love with this because the textured, food grade silicone feels great on their gums and helps to gently aid teeth to come through, or "cut".

The fabric part has an interior "crinkle" layer that sounds like a candy wrapper and babies love this as a distraction while they self-soothe.


Try it today, because we have a special offer for you. The regular price of the Munchie Mitten™ is $15.95 plus shipping. 

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