Boogie-Vac™ Baby Nasal Aspirator

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There's nothing worse than hearing your baby's troubled breathing because of heavy nasal congestion.

For us, those old 'bulb style' aspirators just never seemed to have enough power to completely clear out those tiny nasal cavities. 

I will admit, at first the idea of a nasal aspirator powered by mommy's mouth seemed a little gross (ok, I was gagging).

But you know what...

We haven't found anything more effective!

And when our little ones needed help to breathe better so they could sleep at night, I sucked it up (maybe a pun is intended) and did what was necessary.

Let me tell you these things work!

And while the collection unit is a little gross to clean, it does what it's supposed to and it sure beats that stuff going in your mouth. 

If you're not gagging to hard by now and can see the benefits of our Boogie-Vac, click Add To Cart now to get yours before they sell out at this ridiculously low price.

NOTE: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery for this promotion.