Chic Baby Bandana Bib Set

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Are your little one’s clothes wet all of the time because she’s teething?

Are you tired because the laundry never seems to end and you spend half the day changing outfits?

What would you think about this?

  • No more ruined outfits from spilled milk, drool, or spit up
  • Cut down on soaked outfits piling up in the laundry!

And really...

Why CAN'T a bib be more of a fashion accessory?

You don't want those “normal bibs” that cover up those cute outfits that they outgrow so fast anyway.

When you could have a bib that...

Absorbs drool and looks cool!

(Okay, that was a bit corny. But it does describe these chic bandana drool bibs)

But really, think about it:

  • They’re a whole lot easier to change than an entire outfit.
  • Your baby will be ready for social media photos anytime with these bad boys! And if not, swap out the bib in 10 seconds!
  • Cotton super trendy prints on the front and soft fleece on the back keep baby warm and comfy this winter.

And one last thing...

Don't they look awesome?!

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