CinchMat™ Play Mat & Storage Bag

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Make Toy Clean Up A Cinch. Literally.

With a quick pull of the drawstring, this play mat makes cleaning up toys a breeze.

Made of strong nylon material which makes this mat the ultimate no-hassle storage.

Measuring 5 feet in diameter, your kids will have room for all types of toys! (Legos, Action Figures, Barbies, Hot Wheels, Blocks, and more!)

When closed, the PlayMat has a sturdy built-in shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry anywhere!


Here's what some happy parents have said about it:

"It is huge and can fit a TON of legos all spread out"
"Better than a toy box!"
"This solves my problems of stepping on legos when I walk through a room."


Oh, and my favorite:

"My kids even love picking up their toys now!" (And yes, she really said that)


So if you have ever stepped on a lego or two, what are you waiting for? 

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