Munchie Mitten™ Safe Teething Glove

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"A Great Alternative To Holding A Teether To His Mouth All Day!"

Hey Moms and Dads! 
Does your baby LOVE sucking and biting on their precious little fingers and hands?

You try to tell her that it’s not good for her…

But she goes on munching on them anyway.

Have you ever found yourself in this type of conversation with your little one?

“No baby, you could choke yourself…”

“No darling, you don’t want to get stuck sucking your thumb...”

“No honey, your hands are full of germs and I can’t wash them right now. You don’t want to get sick, do you?”

Of course, baby just looks up you frustrated because you’re now an obstacle between her and the only thing that she would like to be doing.

Maybe her gums hurt... Maybe she’s bored and that what’s keeping her occupied.

Maybe she just likes the feeling.

What is a parent to do?

Most parents have tried to solve the problem by giving their baby some sort of teething toy for them to gnaw on safely (…hopefully)

But most parent’s have come across some frustrations in using these toys. The most common challenges are:

  • How do I help my baby hang on to the toy when her hand-eye coordination and grip are just developing?
  • How do I keep the toy clean, if she drops it on the ground constantly?
  • Why does she hang it over the side of the car seat and drop it on the floorboard when I’m driving? Doesn’t she know I can’t just stop and pick it up for her 17 times per trip?
  • Should she really be chewing on plastic, anyway? Is BPA-Free really safe? Is it even BPA-Free?

As a parent myself, I believe that parents are among some of the most hardworking, unselfish, free-time deficient people around and if they decide to buy baby products to solve their problems than those baby products should deliver the most value imaginable without creating more problems of their own!

Ok, that was a bit of a rant. But I had to do it.

I've been there.

That’s why I am so excited to introduce to you something that has been designed and tested to solve the exact problems that I just mentioned above and be a true helping-hand in the Teething dilemma that we have all had to go through.

Announcing the Munchie Mitten™

The Munchie Mitten™ was made with you and baby in mind.

It is essentially an adjustable mitten, or glove, that is comfortably secured to your infant’s wrist with soft, washable fabric.

The teething material at the top is made of Food Grade Silicone, considered the safest synthetic material on the market for these purposes. Naturally free of all the nasty chemical compounds that are showing up in the news and health reports.

Peace of mind and problem solved.

But, it gets BETTER.

Not only is this something that Baby will enjoy gnawing on...

She will absolutely love the 'crinkly' sound that the fabric makes when she munches on this mitten. 

She will be so immersed in the Munchie Mitten that she'll forget about the pain in her gums!

Ok, it may not be the perfect teether, but it's probably darn well pretty close.

I know this is probably the first time that you're hearing about the Munchie Mitten and you could be skeptical. But trust me, that'll change in the next months ahead. I really want you to try it out so if you don't like it, just return it in the next 30 days and we'll give you a full refund!

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