The Hero Bowl™

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Your Spill-Proof & Toddler-Friendly Snacking Assistant 

Hey Mom's & Dads!

Sure, you want to give junior a little independence and allow him to help himself to a bowl of his favorite snack...

But, then there's the floor, the carpet. And the sofa.

(And the ants... Ahhh.)

And you're a little worried that he could very quickly ruin hours of work spent getting the house neat and clean. Just because he's still working on the hand-eye coordination and walking skills. (Yeah OK... a slight exaggeration... we both know that "neat and clean" is next to impossible for most of us normal parents.  "Acceptable," maybe?)

Well, do I have something for you!

With just a little bit of guidance and practice, most toddlers can walk around with it, climb up on to the couch, sit back and munch on their favorite grub without losing all the cheeri-os to the cushions.

Is it for infants, you ask? You'd be amazed at how much it reduces spills when used in the high chair. They can't knock it over like a normal bowl. They can pick it up and do what they like but the food stays safely inside.


The Hero Bowl™

Available in 3 colors.


You won't believe how HARD it is to spill something from this bowl.


Sure, it looks and sounds like a great idea as you read... but it's almost comical how amazing this bowl is at keeping its contents inside of it no matter what junior does with it or how he holds it.



  • Ideal for children ages 9 months and up
  • Dishwasher safe (place on top rack)
  • Measures 10in X 10in X 4in. The bowl is the perfect size for a cereal snack or his favorite gold fish crackers. 


Matching lid included.

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